Piano Movers Colorado Springs


Is Piano Mover Colorado Springs insured?

We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. If you need a certificate of insurance, simply request one and it will be provided at no additional charge.

We can handle pianos of all sizes with full-service door to door inside pick-up and delivery.

Are your prices competitive?

Piano Mover Colorado Springs offers you a fair price, punctuality, and the best quality services for your piano moving needs.

Our pricing structure is one of the most rewarding features of our services. We strive to keep our prices as competitive and appealing as possible, without compromising attention to detail or quality.

Do you use day labor?

No, we don’t. All our crews consist of trained, professional and uniformed full-time employees.


Our uniformed-trained professionals are all full time employees no part time or temporary labor help will ever execute your move. We take extra care in the handling of your goods: Floor protection, in-house wrapping, and shrink-wrapping of all upholstered items are just an every day part of our operation. We use air ride commercial trucks, which eliminate the bouncing and jarring that might be felt by our competitors.

Will my piano be protected before being moved?

Absolutely, we are well known for our incredible furniture protection methods.

All pianos are checked for loose parts, removed, and wrapped individually when needed.

We DO NOT charge extra for protecting your piano, floor, walls, stairs, and doors.

Why Use Piano Mover Colorado Springs

Pianos are heavy. The average spinet weighs about three hundred to five Professional piano movers hundred pounds. Grand Pianos and Baby Grands vary from four hundred to a thousand pounds.

The use of a few strong men can move a piano. Balancing it and not damaging it, that’s where Piano Movers Colorado Springs comes in. Damaging a piano can be costly. Let a professional moving company like Piano Movers Colorado Springs relocate your piano. The best way to find piano movers is by word of mouth referral.should be tuned 3- 4 times the first year. Whenever a piano is moved, whether in the house, across town or across the United States, make that appointment with your tuner. Pianos should be re tuned every 5 years.

Piano Mover Colorado Springs