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Moving a half-ton plus piece of equipment made out of breakable materials that cost six figures is not for the faint of heart. That is why you should only hire the top piano movers Colorado Springs has to offer to get the job done not just right, but excellently.


One of the most expensive investments an institution such as a university or concert hall can make is their grand piano. Often exceeding $100,000 and 1,200 pounds, few institutions trust anyone to even reposition a concert grand piano on stage, let alone move it from place to place. 


The largest of the piano family, a concert grand usually is nine feet in length or longer, with up to 10,000 parts. Many people do not realize the soundboard in a grand piano is generally made out of cast iron – in one piece, and cast iron is brittle. This is why a grand piano is extreme top-heavy weight. Most sit on three spindly wooden legs. Add that to all the wood, strings, and other parts creating a finely tuned resonation chamber, and you can understand why most piano movers in Colorado Springs avoid moving a concert grand unless they are highly experienced and carry adequate insurance.

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It is especially challenging to move such an expensive investment in a climate surrounding an area such as Colorado Springs. Most pianos are made from fine hardwoods, brass, iron, and other materials that respond at different rates to our variable temperatures and often dry climate. That makes moving a combination of those materials without cracks or breakage challenging at best. 


Why trust such an investment to anyone but the best piano movers in Colorado Springs, CO? A professional piano mover Colorado Springs has trusted for years, insured, trained, with the right equipment? Call us now for a free estimate.

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