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In a family with a trained piano player, a lifetime of memories are made. And, perhaps, proposals, scholarships, lessons, and other life enlightening moments. A baby grand piano is a delicate, finely made instrument that when taken care of, can be passed on in a family and last several lifetimes.

Whether you have a little Mozart in your midst that shows promise, or just want one for your playing pleasure and relaxation, the investment in a baby grand piano seems not only logical, but a dream. When that dream has to be moved, you need to entrust it to someone who knows what they are doing, the first time. Hire a professional, experienced, insured piano mover in Colorado Springs, CO to keep that dream safe.

Baby grand pianos are defined as those five feet and under, meaning end to end. They are made of the same high quality materials as larger grand pianos, but since their strings are shorter, they do not have the same deep tone quality as their larger siblings. A substantial investment, newer models including digital baby grands are now on the market, but still require careful handling when moving from place to place due to the delicate legs, electronics, and frail brass casters most pianos ride upon.


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A bit of history on pianos…have any idea where the term “tickling the ivories” came from? Piano keys were made from elephant tusks until the 1950’s. 46 keys could be made from an average tusk. The use was stopped and plastic has been used since mid-century to protect the vanishing elephant herds world wide.


A quality piano mover in Colorado Springs will ask you some questions when you call for a quote to move your baby grand, such as if you have narrow doors or halls, are there stairs the piano has to be moved up or down, corners to turn, and what kind of flooring you have in the room(s) it has to traverse. You may be asked to take some measurements and even snap a photo on your phone and send it to them. This is our mover being diligent so they can provide you an accurate quote, and one that is safest for your particular instrument. Pianos are notoriously top heavy with delicate legs and require kid glove handling to be happy in their new location.


When your dream piano needs the touch of an expert, call us. We will provide you an accurate, free estimate and let you know what we need moved in advance. Only the best piano mover in Colorado Springs, CO knows to do those things – us.

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