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Just an inch bigger than what is considered the maximum of 5’6” for a baby grand, many households find the tone of a medium grand piano richer and a bit deeper. The additional investment in this slightly larger elegant instrument is often deemed worth the improved sound quality.

There are many things you need to ask when you are looking to have an investment such as a medium grand piano moved to a new home or studio. Not a job for the average moving company, many of which who refuse to even touch a grand piano, it is not a job for “the boys” either. Moving a grand piano takes specialized equipment, knowledge, and time. It is not a five minute job, and requires an experienced piano mover in Colorado Springs that understands how our climate and topography affect a delicate instrument made out of wood and cast iron.

A grand piano must be dismantled to be moved safely, namely, the legs, pedals, and harp if one is present. Those items need to be individual wrapped in soft, non-abrasive padding and taped. The entire exterior of the piano should be wrapped in a similar material and taped into place after a specialized pad is placed on the strings and sound board to secure them and the lid fastened shut. The rack needs to be removed. Then and only then is the piano ready to be gently lifted and tilted, not flipped, and placed on a piano skid board that is fastened to a special piano dolly and strapped securely in place.

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When moved, the piano cannot be bounced over thresholds, as this is enough to crack a sound board (totaling the piano) or break stings. As a medium grand can weigh close to a 1,000 pounds, tile and laminate floors must be protected. And a piano of any kind should never be hauled on a trailer in the open. They should always be hauled in an enclosed van, with appropriate padding and extra strapping to insure absolutely no movement by the instrument in transit and no exposure to the elements.


Does your piano mover in Colorado Springs, CO do this? If not, you need to replace them. We do, and we do every one of these steps every time, as that is the only safe way to move a grand piano, insuring that the instrument, your home, and the crew are protected.


Call us for a free estimate. We pride ourselves in being the best piano mover in Colorado Springs. We will ask questions and give you a reasonable time estimate for a job that involves professional care for your valuable investment. We care about your piano just like you do.

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