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Occasionally we are fortunate enough to be asked to move a family heirloom grand piano, often rosewood or solid ebony. It is not unusual for these beautiful works of musical architecture to be carved or inlaid.  Often a parlor grand, they are smaller than a full grand piano, as they were built to fit in living rooms and parlors, a sitting rooms where guests were entertained.

Small, however, does not mean lightweight. Many parlor grand pianos weigh in excess of 1,000 or more pounds depending on what woods they were made from, and some closer to three-quarters of a ton!  That is not a job you want Uncle Joe and the boys to undertake for payment in cold beverages. It is a job for a Colorado Springs piano mover that knows what they are doing, both for the piano and the movers’ safety.

Parlor grands are generally 5’9” to 6’1” long, which makes wrestling them through most houses challenging at best. Floor protection is a must, and the mere dismantling of the legs, pedals, and rack off the piano, as well as securing the lid and protecting the strings is an art in itself. It requires experience and special equipment.  

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Due to the historical nature of many parlor grands, their wood is often brittle, and shrinkage causes inlay or marquetry to pop out. Moving a piano of this size and weight without proper padding, taping, strapping, a piano skid board, and other special equipment simply is asking for an unhappy damaged outcome.

A piano mover with experience in Colorado Springs knows that the climate here makes a difference in wood, the primary exterior component of your heirloom or antique grand piano. That is another strong reason to hire a qualified local professional that understands the instrument and what may affect it during a transition from one location to the next.


Don’t trust a fine piece of history that has provided so much enjoyment over years of use to just anyone. We are the best piano movers in Colorado Springs, CO. Contact us for a quote, and you will be relieved and pleased with the results.


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