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Nothing brings back fond memories of schoolrooms, grandma’s house, the Sunday School classroom, or the local honkey tonk like a solid old upright piano. Made to be tough and endure just about anything you could subject it to, upright pianos are as much part of the history of Colorado as ore carts and saddle blankets. 

What are not fond memories is if you have had to move one of those tough fellows.

Upright pianos by nature are heavy. The normal rule of thumb is if a piano is over four feet tall, it weighs over 800#. Put that in the very compact body of an upright piano made of hardwood with a solid cast iron soundboard covering nearly the whole back, and you have a whole lot of dead weight. People that do not know what they are in for often get injured or seriously damage upright pianos moving them.

There are actually four kinds of vertical pianos, of which an upright is the largest and tallest. The studio, a smaller, shorter version of the upright, is made for studio and teaching, and often has somewhat better quality internal parts. A console, up to 51”, usually is chosen for the wood that matches living room furniture. The spinet, smallest at 36-46”, is notorious for going out of tune easily when moved due to their limited equipment. Each of these versions were also made into player pianos, for which the weight increases dramatically due to mechanical parts.

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Upright pianos have often been with families or residing at some place for decades without being moved. When they are, due to drying out, settling, boring insects, and other issues, moving can become challenging. The saddest day in the life of an upright piano is when the soundboard gets cracked due to careless moving techniques and equipment use. Shifting or dropping can easily cause such a break.


The second saddest, and most common, is when legs are broken off due by improper moving in all pianos. You don’t just scoot a piano leg. Upright pianos generally have spindly legs with inadequate brass casters that cut deep into laminate, mar hardwood, and crack tile when rolled across them unprotected. They also tend to pull and run Berber and other fine carpeting. They are not made to move a piano over an inch or two at most.


Many moving companies will refuse to move a piano. That is when you need to contact a piano mover in Colorado Springs, CO with experience and the expertise to make sure your vertical piano makes it to your new home, safely, unscathed. The best piano movers will always use specialized equipment made for moving pianos. Ask how many uprights they move. Many will not even do it, especially if there are steps, stairs, or tile floors involved due to the sheer dead weight. We will. Hire a Colorado Springs piano mover who knows what they are doing. We will provide you a free estimate after asking the right questions to give you the best experience possible.

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